General Info

We provide programs to classes from grades 1-12 focusing on creative expression and literacy. These programs range from 2 to 10 hours and are designed with the input of teachers to complement and address student needs and the curriculum. Our programs are high-energy, collaborative, and tons of fun!

“This workshop was truly engaging and allowed students who do not usually participate feel comfortable to do so.” – Teacher

“Amazing value.  Would never be able to do what story Planet does in regular classroom. Amazing 5 star program!!!” – Teacher

“[Story Planet] is extremely valuable because it connects to the students’ individual levels of learning and interests, it motivates them and makes them feel like they are story-writers.  It’s collaborative and yet allows for individual creativity. Also, having 5-6 adults in the room for the morning meant that everyone had adult one-on-one for at least a part of the day, as they participated in the discussions and as they wrote independently.  It also freed me up, as the teacher, to sit back and from a different perspective, watch my students participate and engage. I was able to work with my lowest students, too, and that felt really productive.” – Teacher

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